In Greek mythology, Mnemosyne (Greek: Μνημοσυνη, "memory"), also known as Mneme (Greek: Μνημη), was the Titanide of memory and remembrance and the inventor of language and words. She was a daughter of Uranus and Gaea and she mothered the nine Muses by Zeus after she had sex with him for nine nights in a row. Mnemosyne was also considered a Titanide of time, as memory was required to preserve history, as well as the Titanide of the underground Oracle of Trophonius in Boeotia.

Hesiod writes that kings and poets were given their skills of authoritative speech by Mnemosyne and the Muses. Despite her classification as a Titan, she was not like all the other Titans. Most Titans were not worshipped nor considered very important, while Mnemosyne was worshipped and was thought of as important since memory was so valued by the Ancient Greeks.

In Roman mythology, Mnemosyne was closely equated with Moneta.

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