The following is a list of Greek, Roman, and Egyptian deity equivalents that is based on usage among the ancient people themselves. Although these gods are equated with one another, they should not be interpreted as the same god. For example, when the myths or worship of a Roman deity were influenced by the Greek and Etruscan practices, the deity may have had an independent origin and a tradition that is culturally distinctive.

Some pairs of Greek and Roman gods are believed to have been derived from a common Indo-European archetype and exhibit similar functions due to this. For example, although Ares and Mars are the war gods of Greek and Roman mythology respectively, Ares was a relatively minor figure in Greek mythology while Mars as the father of the Romans and a central figure in archaic Roman religion.

Greek Roman Egyptian
Adonis Adonis Osiris
Amphitrite Salacia
Ananke Necessitas
The Anemoi The Venti
Aphrodite Venus Hathor
Apollo Apollo Horus or Ra
Ares Mars Anhur
Artemis Diana Bast
Asclepius Aesculapius or Vejovis
Athena Minerva Neith
Boreas Aquilo
The Charites The Gratiae
Chloris Flora
Cronus Saturn Osiris
Cybele Magna Mater
Demeter Ceres Isis
Dionysus Liber or Bacchus Osiris or Khnum
Eirene Pax
Enyo Bellona
Eos Aurora or Matuta
The Erinyes The Dirae
Eris Discordia
Eros Cupid
Eurus Vulturnus
Gaea Terra
Hades Dis Pater, Pluto, or Orcus Anubis or Osiris
Hebe Juventas
Hecate Trivia Heqet or Nephthys
Helios Sol Ra
Hemera Dies
Hephaestus Vulcan Ptah
Hera Juno Mut or Hathor
Heracles Hercules Heryshaf
Hermes Mercury Anubis or Thoth
Hesperus Vesper
Hestia Vesta
Hygeia Salus
Hypnos Somnus
Leto Latona
The Moirae The Parcae
The Muses The Camenae
Nike Victoria
Notus Auster
Nyx Nox Nephthys
Odysseus Ulysses
Palaemon Portunus
Pan Faunus Min
Persephone Proserpina
Silenus Silvanus
Pheme Fama
Phosphorus Lucifer
Poseidon Neptune
Priapus Mutunus Tutunus
Rhea Ops or Magna Mater Nut
Selene Luna Isis
Semele Stimula
Thanatos Mors Anubis
Tyche Fortuna
Typhon Set
Uranus Caelum
Zephyrus Favionus
Zeus Jupiter Amun or Horus
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