In Greek mythology, Coeus (Greek: Κοιος, Koios, "query"), also known as Polus (Greek: Πολος, Polos, "axis" or "pole"), was one of the Titans and sons of Uranus and Gaea. The etymology of Coeus' name had allowed scholars to theorize that he was the Titan of intellect, presiding over the inquisitive mind. Coeus is believed to preside over rational intelligence since his consort, Phoebe, presided over prophetic wisdom. Coeus was likely also the Titan of heavenly oracles.

Coeus married his sister, Phoebe, and together they had three children: Leto, Asteria, and Lelantos (presumably).

When Cronus ambushed Uranus, he persuaded Coeus, Hyperion, Crius, and Iapetus to aid him. Cronus had the four of his brothers grab onto their father from the four pillars of the earth to hold him while Cronus castrated him. Coeus represented the northern pillar, also known as the axis of heaven that the constellations revolved around, which Coeus was also thought to have presided over.

After Cronus was overthrown by Zeus, Coeus and his brothers were all thrown in Tartarus. However, Pindar and Aeschylus write that the Titans were eventually released from their imprisonment.

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